About Us

J3 Advisory


Structural Defects Insurance & Structured Property Finance Specialists

Our specialist advisory service enables UK property professionals to navigate the funding and insurance markets with ease.


We’re continually growing our network across the  latent defects insurance and lending landscape to create a mutually beneficial eco-system for our clients to discover and access the whole market.


J3 is the perfect choice for developers, investors, contractors, registered providers and associated professionals alike.

Our mission

To fuse the insurance and debt advisory markets by delivering pragmatic, common-sense-led and un-conflicted advice, that results in time saved and a positive impact on the client’s bottom line.

When it comes to property development, insurance and funding are paramount: Having an adviser with an intimate knowledge, both of these markets and the client’s objectives is a key piece of the development jigsaw.

Why we exist

Having spent more than twenty years working between both insurance and finance markets, J3’s leadership team witnessed first-hand how these two disciplines which should interlink are instead fragmented and disconnected.

The net result of this fragmentation has always been a loss of time, with delays in both insurance and funding as neither side speaks effectively with the other.

To solve this, J3 Advisory has set out with the mission to enable regional developers, SMEs and property professionals across the country to make better decisions, faster.

J3 was launched to fuse structural defect insurance and funding for the betterment of its clients. In doing so, the team continues to deliver a combined and impressive net result: to save their clients’ valuable time and provide them with peace of mind. So far, we have placed structural warranty insurance on a number of projects – the more notable cases include a £17m residential scheme in East London & structural warranties on £26m worth of developments across Skillcrown & Epicho Homes.

Our Values

Our shared values inspire and guide everything we do:


Loyalty and


We believe passionately that long term relationships are built on loyalty and mutual respect, but that respect is something we earn, not something that can be demanded.


Moral and

ethical behaviour

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of moral and ethical behaviour, always behaving in the right way towards our clients, lenders and insurance partners.


Inclusivity and


Our culture fosters inclusiveness, diversity and an entrepreneurial mindset. Everybody’s opinion is equally valuable no matter their background, gender or sexuality.

Behaviours you can expect from us


Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is at the heart of what we do. Allowing us to be self-aware and empathetic, while building stronger relationships.



We prioritise collaboration, creating a culture that fosters teamwork, shared input and an entrepreneurial mindset in the pursuit of professional and personal excellence.



We are results-driven to get the best deals and achieve the best outcomes for our clients. Our fresh thinking means our approach is tailored and unique to each client.

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