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Social Housing Latent Defects Warranty Provider

At J3 advisory, we work with a cross-section on housing associations and registered providers to advise them on the most suitable latent defects insurance for the schemes.

For many years, housing associations have been wed to working with only two or three providers for their warranties. We have taken time to understand the social housing landscape and then help educate those within it, to better understand their options when it comes to arranging Latent Defects Insurance

Key features of Social Housing Warranty

  • 10 to 12-year building warranty cover from practical completion
  • First party insurance
  • One to two year defects period available
  • Recognised and accepted by banks and mortgage lenders

Social Housing Association Warranty

We are adept at helping Housing Associations and associated parties understand the affordable housing warranty market and how they can navigate it more effectively.

Most HA’s feel limited to working with the more long-standing brands in the LDI market, however, we’re pleased to say that we’ve helped many find more appropriate, better suited social housing latent defects warranty partners.

How we work with you


Pre-tender advice

We advise on the procurement and tender process from a latent defect insurance and performance bond perspective.


Appointed Contractor Requirements

Helping to establish and review the warranty and bond requirements between the relevant parties, to ensure the beneficiaries of the policy have complete peace of mind.


Policy placement

Once the housing partner is satisfied, we will then conclude on the final terms of the insurance/bond and place the policy on behalf of the housing association.

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