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Building Warranties For New Homes

10 Year Building Warranty Provider

With hardening construction and insurance markets, developers often face difficulties simply arranging building warranties insurance or agreeing on terms at a palatable rate.


While this isn’t an exhaustive list, some of the reasons for this include:

  • An inadequate presentation of the project and professional team
  • Approaching insurers without suitable risk appetite
  • Relying on their current provider to consistently deliver the most suitable cover and rate of premium

Packaging and delivering the right information to the right A-rated insurers often stops unnecessary losses and protects our clients while pairing them with the right insurance partner.

How do you choose the right building warranty provider for your  scheme?

While we have a comprehensive checklist for developers arranging their building warranty insurance , some of the key items to consider are:

  • A-Rated insurers: Building warranties are long-term policies of 10 or even 12 years. When you take out a product like this, you need to be confident that your provider will still be around at the end of the policy period, or your property could end up uninsured and in breach of mortgage conditions.
  • Levels of indemnity: Check whether the policy covers the full cost to rebuild the property or is there a lower limit
  • Technical Audits: A good insurer will regularly send out surveyors and engineers throughout the build to monitor progress, helping prevent any issues that may lead to a claim. Be wary of any provider who does not arrange site visits or only asks for photographs.
  • It’s not just about the price: It is all-to easy to find an attractive price from a provider that lacks the experience, level of indemnity, and capacity you need for your ‘big’ project. If your quote from an A-rated insurer seems higher, remember it comes with more reliable long-term cover and peace of mind for you and your customers.

How much should building warranties cost?

While there is no standard cost, budgeting 1 to 1.2% of the reinstatement value is recommended.

What are the implications to the recent change in law regarding building warranties?

In summary, all developers will be required to provide, a minimum 15 year warranty for all new build homes. However, this change will apply prospectively only. For more information, read the latest government guidance.

It is important to note that while changes are expected in due course, nothing has been finalised as of yet, nor has there been any confirmation of when these changes will come into effect.

Choosing your 10-year building warranties provider


The team at J3 Advisory has significant experience in arranging builders warranties for large projects, including a £50m mixed-use Sheffield residential development and 17m  residential scheme in East London.

At J3 Advisory, we believe in partnering  property professionals with the right insurers for their projects. So, while we don’t always go to every corner of the market, our experience, relationship, and networks ensure we have access to the right ones, ultimately saving our clients time and money.

When your next project does come into focus, we would be happy to talk through the scheme and offer our pragmatic and unconflicted advice on the right building warranty policy for you.

The benefits of our Building Warranties:

  • 10-12 year policies available
  • A-rated insurers
  • Cover can include cover for loss of rent
  • First party insurance cover

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