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12 Year Social Housing Warranty

Warranties for affordable housing

J3 Advisory provides unconflicted and impartial advice to many social housing associations regarding structural warranty insurance.

For many years, housing associations have been wed to working with only two or three providers for their warranties. We have taken time to decipher the social housing landscape and then help educate those within it, on how-to better understand their options when it comes to arranging structural warranty cover.

Ensuring that social housing schemes are appropriately insured is of paramount importance and something that J3 are committed to delivering for their clients. Click here for more information on how we are helping Housing Associations and associated parties navigate the affordable housing warranty market

The benefits of our Social Housing Warranty include:

  • 10 or 12 years building warranty cover from practical completion
  • One to two year defects periods available
  • First party insurance
  • Recognised and accepted by banks and mortgage lenders

Why choose J3 Advisory?


A-rated insurers

All of our policies are underwritten by A-rated insurers, providing our clients total peace of mind.


Approved by all major lenders

The leading banks and building societies widely accept our  building warranty, helping potential buyers obtain the mortgage they need to purchase a home.


Full market comparison

We scour the market to find the most suitable building warranty for each project.

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