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New Homes 10 Year Warranty

A 10 year new homes warranty is as an insurance policy procured by housebuilders and developers engaged in the construction and sale of residential housing units.

When property professionals plan to sell newly built units, a new build warranty is essential item for funding, exit and consumer peace of mind. Our expert advisors make it simple for developers and house builders to receive the most competitive market rates, compare providers and understand the cover available, as well as advising on the best fit on a project-by-project basis.

A 10-year warranty on new build homes protects homeowners of newly built, converted or refurbished properties in the first 10 years from structural defects.

As developers look for more creative solutions to help solve the housing crisis, insurers have adapted their policies to cater for varying schemes. Professionals looking to develop mixed-use and/or larger schemes should always look for appropriate advice on what’s available and most suited to them . When it comes to larger builds, it’s even more important to obtain a full market overview.

Key features of a 10 year new homes warranty:

  • 10-to-12-year building warranty cover from building regulation sign off
  • Defect periods ranging from zero, one and two-years
  • £1000 excess per claim per dwelling
  • Assignable Policy
  • UK Finance approved, recognised and accepted by mortgage lenders
  • Insurance will cover the cost for complete or partial rebuilding in the event of structural failure, including professional fees and demolition

New homes warranty FAQs

What exactly does a new homes warranty cover?

A new homes warranty typically covers structural defects in newly built homes, including issues that may arise within the first 10 years after construction. It ensures your peace of mind when it comes to major structural problems.

Are all new homes warranties the same?

No, new home warranties can vary between providers. While the core coverage is similar, differences may exist in terms of specific conditions including levels of indemnity, insurers rating capacity, technical services. For more information, read our warranty checklist blog.

How do I make a claim on my new homes warranty?

In the event of a structural defect, you typically contact your warranty provider and follow their specific claims process. They will assess the issue and arrange for necessary repairs if it falls within the policy’s coverage.

Are there any exclusions or limitations in a new homes warranty?

Yes, new homes warranties usually have certain exclusions, such as damage caused by homeowner neglect or external factors like natural disasters. It’s vital to understand these limitations to avoid any surprises later on.

Do all new builds have a 10-year warranty?

The new build warranty extends for a full ten years. Typically, these warranties are secured prior to the project’s commencement, but they can also be obtained during the construction phase. Click here for more information on retrospective warranties.

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