Are you overpaying for your building warranties?

Developers can be overpaying by more than 30% for their building warranties.

With hardening construction and insurance markets, many face difficulties simply arranging insurance or agreeing on terms at a palatable rate. While this isn’t an exhaustive list, some of the reasons for this include:

  1. An inadequate presentation of project and professional team
  2. Approaching insurers without suitable risk appetite
  3. Relying on their current provider to consistently deliver the most suitable cover and rate of premium

Packaging and delivering the right information to the right A-rated insurers often stops unnecessary losses and protects our clients while pairing them with the right insurance partner.

J3 helps property developers navigate the latent defects market by:

1. Providing a cash flow friendly payment option that allows developers to secure a building warranty without the large capital outlay (Subject to credit approval)

2. Offering commercially attractive terms that positively impact the client’s bottom line.

3. Securing at least three quotes from A-rated insurers by submitting just one proposal form.

4. Allowing developers to redeem a significant amount of time to focus on the project build.

5. Offering assured peace of mind as a result of having a specialist and truly independent advisor handling their warranty interests.

With experience in advising and arranging policies across the residential spectrum, J3 guides its clients through the process with concise, accurate, and timely advice on all options available to them. The net result is the redemption of time and peace of mind of the client. Whether a client is building a one-off large single unit, converting a city-centre building into 50 new apartments, or unlocking a Greenfield site and building 150+ unit housing development, they will need a building warranty in every scenario. By working with J3, we ensure they get the right one at the right price.

When your next project does come into focus, we would be happy to talk through the scheme and offer our pragmatic and unconflicted advice on the right policy for you. To speak to a member of the team, fill in our enquiry form online or call us on 020 3096 0718

Why choose J3 Advisory for your new build warranty?


A-rated insurers

All of our policies are underwritten by A-rated insurers, providing our clients total peace of mind.


Approved by all major lenders

The leading banks and building societies widely accept our new build warranty, helping potential buyers obtain the mortgage they need to purchase a home.


Full market comparison

We scour the market to find the most suitable building warranty for each project.

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