Finance & Insurance

We are pleased to share a recent success story from one of our developer clients who sought funding and insurance guidance for their scheme in East Anglia.

On the finance front:

Our client received an additional £160k on Day 1 as we were able to leverage terms initially offered by the incumbent provider (from 60% LTGDV to 65% LTGDV)

In addition, we were also able to match the rate to the initial lower leverage terms, resulting in better cash flow and an increased Return on Equity Invested (RoEI)

Turning to insurance:

Our client initially approached a well known and established provider in the warranty market however, they were offered uncompetitive terms.

Having gazed through the media coverage surrounding J3 and their warranty calculator, the client reached out to the team.

Not only did this decision save our client £30k on their policy, but the technical process offered proved beneficial for the scheme’s conversion element.

We also supported the client with their general insurance matters, ensuring comprehensive cover for the rest of the scheme.